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The first journal ever created by a houndsman for houndsmen.  

Introducing The Hound Log

I got to use my journal for the first time and I'll just tell ya right now, I'm definitely going to be ordering 5 or 6 more of these for Christmas presents.  Everything filled out perfectly!


The Hound Log is AWESOME and great quality.  It will even help true breeders like me who are keeping records to improve bloodlines.



A look inside the NEW K9 Records

Female Page

Male Page

Our Story

As a young man, my father taught me to hunt.  He was a huge bow hunter and instilled the outdoors in me from day one.  Growing up, hunting became a passion.  For years, I thought I was obsessed with bow hunting until I released my first hound.  Stic Bow Outdoors is born out of a passion for both the hounds and the hunt.  Here at Stic Bow, we are committed to serving and encouraging houndsmen across the world.